Thursday, February 15, 2007

Franciscan Sauvignon Blanc

2005 Franciscan Sauvignon Blanc
Oakville Estate ~ Napa Valley
Limited Release

We picked up this bottle at a recent restaurant wine sale. They were clearing their cellar and selling most bottle for retail price or below. As you can imagine, the place was a madhouse... everyone trying to grab bottles first. Craig happened to pick this one up. We had tasted other Franciscan wines, but this wasn't one we had seen before. The label said that this particular release was only available direct from the winery and had only 416 cases produced, so we decided to pick one up. We were not disappointed!

What delicacies did we pair it with you ask? Well to be perfectly honest, some wonton soup and general tso chicken from The Panda. It was a perfect match. This wine is crisp and full of fruit (pineapple/apricot) on the nose and had enough minerals and acidity at the finish to stand up to the meals spice and salt levels.

If you happen upon a bottle like we did (and like sauvignon blancs), definitely give it a try!

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mom said...

We've had a Franciscan, must have been with you guys or Rebe &Ed...but I can't remember what grape