Saturday, August 12, 2006

Eggplant Rollatini

For some reason making Eggplant Rollatini has always given me a bit of trouble. Not sure if it was the full moon or meteor shower, but it turned out fantastic tonight. Thin sliced eggplant lightly fried and then rolled around a mixture of ricotta & romano cheeses and fresh herbs.

Here are the rolls almost ready to be baked...

Add some chianti - Yum.

A few day old roll made for a great piece of garlic bread (no chance of vampires here tonight!)


mom said...'ve found out how! And they look delicious!
Is it egg & flour?

Jenn S. said...

For just four easy payments of $19.95 you can read all about it in my new cookbook... hehehe... no, it was regular breading. I think the key was to just brown the cutlets slightly so they still had a little body to them. I guess the true test will be when I try and make them again.

Paul e said...

the rollantini looks great