Friday, October 13, 2006

Geyser Peak Reserve Chardonnay

2003 Geyser Peak Reserve Chardonnay

The Perfect Balance... thats about as good as we can describe it.

Craig: Butterscotch.
Jenn: Granny Smith Apples

Craig: Caramel Apples. A bit mineraly
Jenn: Apples, Almonds
Both: The wine had a perfect acidity and crisp finish.

Verdict: Not over-oaked. Craig thought this paired perfectly with our roasted chicken dinner (as did I), but I also thought I would have loved this wine alone or with just some nibbles of cheese and crackers.


mom said...

Where is geyser peak??

Jenn S. said...

It's in California. Geyserville, CA to be exact.

paul e said...

I've been waiting four months for a new wine recommendation...