Monday, July 10, 2006

Sunday Gravy

Since our garden has been pumping out tomatoes faster than we can eat them, I decided to make a big pot of gravy from scratch (my normal "from scratch" uses canned tomatoes).

I started by skinning them. For me, the easiest way is to make a small "x" on the bottom of each tomato, blanch them for a minute in boiling water, and then toss into a pot of ice water to cool completely.

Here is a closeup. You can see how the skin just pulls away.

Once peeled, I cut and seeded the tomatoes and heated them with a little olive oil and garlic.

This is where my photo shoot ended. Once the tomatoes softened and cooked down a bit, I blended them until smooth and made gravy as I normally would with canned sauce.


mom said...

Tomatoes look great. How about the rest of the veggies...are they still producing? And how 's the fig tree doing? We sent you some fig cuttings from Florida tree. Hope they make it. The tree has 100's of fruits.

Jenn S. said...

Still getting lots of peppers. The squash & eggplant are still producing, but slower.

The fig tree is doing great! No figs yet, but it seems to like its new home.