Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Stuffed Bread

Stuffed with whatever was in the fridge...

Peppers & Onions & Garlic (all softened in some olive oil)
Garden Tomato Slices

Just like our recent pizzas, baked outside on the grill.

Mmmm, gooey. Guess there's no skipping the gym tomorrow.


Rebecca said...

That looks so great! Was that the dough you just got or from scratch? Gosh I miss being able to get real bread dough at the market! Your bread looks great!

mom said...

I had to go get a napkin to wipe my mouth...I was drooling! Sure wish you lived closer...I'd be there for dinner (even lunch or breakfast):) actually all of the above. If your father lived closer he'd look like blueberry girl! How DOES Craig keep is figure?