Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Fourth of July

A few photos from our trip to Virginia.

To start off the weekend R made us some of her famous frozen mai tai's

Meanwhile, Filly snoozes waiting for Ed to get home.

Filly searched up and down when we first arrived trying to find him, but he wasn't home. When he finally did arrive she went nuts.

For dessert, Rebecca made some very cool individual cheesecakes. I helped decorate...

The best part of helping...

Cakes in progress

Another fantastic drink from Rebecca's blender - blueberry daquiri

On Sunday we just relaxed outside with some frozen drinks and antipasti...



Rebcca and Ed said...

It was great to see you guys.. we are still enjoying all the fresh veggies from your garden (the eggplants are amazing, and I just can't say thanks enough for the awesome tomatoes!) ... and we are about to open the Picpoul de Pinet ... we wish you lived closer! (of course then we would need to buy another bleder!!) We hope to visit soon!
Love Rebecca & Ed

mom said...

cheese cake ingredients $$
berries & cherries $$
booze $$$$

Pictures of my kids spending time together....

mom said...

Those cakes and drinks look delicious...and patriotic too.