Saturday, May 13, 2006

Five Cheese Ravioli

Yet another batch of ravioli. If you haven't already guessed I am having a lot of fun making them. I was going to try and take a lot more pictures and document the recipe from start to finish, but then it was getting late (and we were getting hungry)! This started out as Four Cheese Ravioli until I opened what I thought was a container of ricotta - Surprise - I forgot I had used an old ricotta container to put left over potato salad. Time to improvise!! Well, lets start at the beginning.

First the dough takes shape.

For a little color I chopped some basil and kneaded it into the dough.

While the dough rested I started throwing ingredients together for the filling. It started with some chopped shallots and a little bit of everything from the herb garden.

Now the cheese. Mozzerella, Fontina, Romano, Farmers, and to take the place of the missing ricotta - Cream Cheese!

Here is the finished product. I'm not sure the basil added much flavor to the dough, but I thought it looked neat.

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