Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I read this list this morning on one of the many food blogs I frequent (Tea & Cookies). This is pretty much what Craig has dealt with since I started the Eating-In website...

  • A full 80% of the photos in your computer files are of food.
  • Your fridge and freezer is stuffed with ingredients you’re wanting to try and use.
  • You have a stack of cookbooks by your bed. (in my case it's all the wonderful food magazines family members have subscribed me to! Thanks guys, I LOVE them!!)
  • You check your blog comments before checking your own email every morning.
  • You have two kinds of balsamic vinegar and four kinds of salt.
  • You try to make dinner early so you can take pictures of it in natural light.
  • Your friends love coming over for dinner, but most of your conversations revolve around food, cooking, and obscure types of mushrooms.
  • You’re corresponding with people all over the world that you’ve never met and yet they feel like kindred spirits.
  • You’re beginning to have a personal relationship with your butcher/baker/wine merchant.
  • You can’t eat a restaurant meal without wondering how it was prepared.
  • You get a little worried when a favorite food blog is not updated for a while—has something happened to them? You hope it’s not serious.
  • You laugh at yourself often, because you realize it’s a little obsessive, but you’re having too much fun to really care much.
  • You’re well fed and very happy.


mom said...

But the real question is...do you still eat liverwurst or drink powdered iced tea?

mom said...

And I really like the part about the mushrooms....

Jenn S. said...

Mmmm, liverwurst.

paul e said...

food...its worth getting fat over

Scotty said...

Well put Paule...now that Im feelin better, livin here & eatin like I have died & gone to food heaven..my waistline is startin to look more like yours..thank you bro & sis (Craig & Jen) for helpin me aquire my full-bodied shape..to the rest of you who can only look at the pictures--you have know idea what ur missing