Saturday, June 14, 2008

Vaca - Part III - Philly

There's no doubt that Philadelphia is a foodies dream - there are almost too many choices. One great example of this is the Reading Terminal Market on North 12th Street. Fresh produce, meats, seafood, pastries, Amish specialties, sushi, (just to name a few) and my personal favorite - Cheese!

For one of our lunch stops, we took a quick cab ride down to University City to White Dog Cafe near UPenn (thanks RDM for the recommendation!)

White Dog is a barely converted brownstone which prides itself on fresh local ingredients. The dining areas are very cozy...

and the food is as unique as the decor.

Next Stop - Tria

If I were to open a restaurant, I think this would be it... a simple bar/winebar/cafe/tapas joint... a place that's all about good wine, beer, and cheese with a knowledgable staff to help diners have a fantastic experience.

We'll definitely be back next time we're in PHL.

An afternoon cocktail stop - Stephen Starr's The Continental

From the outside, The Continental looks like a retro-chrome diner, but inside is a swank tapas-style restaurant. The highlight for me was my cocktail, called the Buzz Aldrin: a mix of Tang, Absolut peach vodka and triple sec in an orange tang-rimmed glass... what could be better on a hot day?

Even bowling takes on a gourmet twist in Philadelphia - North Bowl is unlike any bowling alley I've ever been to.

with food that you actually want to eat!

Miso at a bowling alley??

But how can you beat six types of Tater Tots?


Anonymous said...

You represent the city so well I'm sure I can get you a job with the GPTMC. I should send your blog along and you may receive some endorsement $$'s.

Paul E.

Anonymous said...

I agree with PE, this stuff should get forwarded to somewhere. I feel like I want to go to Philly and all the places you've gone to...but I think PE would be necessary to get me pointed in the right direction!! mom