Sunday, December 16, 2007

Brined Butterball

This weekend C and I attended a "turkey tasting" with our local chapter of Slow Foods... think wine tasting, but with turkey instead. We were to compare a standard, supermarket bird with a heritage White Holland turkey.

We volunteered to make the standard bird for the event.

Here is our bird almost submerged in the brine. This time around we used salt, sugar, garlic, bay leaves, peppercorns, and an orange.

After brining, we roasted in the oven. Inside the cavity we used a kitchen sink of aromatics

Our 20 pound beauty...

For those who might be interested, here are the two birds side by side. The heritage bird (on the right) was a very slender looking bird, unlike the butterball that looked a bit like Dolly Parton.


Dawn said...

Lovely turkey! Your blog is delicious as well. I'm impressed with all your cooking projects. Looks like you've outdone yourselves on several occasions. I certainly have a lot to learn. I'm bookmarking your site.

Happy New Year!
Dawn in Austin

AR said...

What was the outcome??

corey said...

Dolly Parton? LOL.