Sunday, August 19, 2007

San Diego & Las Vegas Vacation

As many of you know, food usually plays a large part of our vacation plans. Here is a SMALL taste of our week in San Diego and Vegas....

What a better way to start a vacation than finding a slice of NY style pizza. Two thumbs up to Ciro's Pizzeria! (534 Market Street, San Diego)

Soleil @ K, San Diego Marriot

to end the meal, each table is given cotton candy

Vegas Baby

In Room Snacks at the Wynn

The waiter at the Taqueria CaƱonita in the Venitian hotel saw my camera on the table and asked if we wanted him to take our photo - umm, thanks, I think

Terrace Point Cafe, Wynn Casino

I love this photo. I had just ordered a watermelon margarita and dad was telling us a hysterical story about a group of friends, a blender, and the consequences of letting Rebecca and Ed concoct the drinks :)

We were comp'd two free buffets at the Wynn, so we decided to take advantage. We aren't usually buffet people, but it was clean and beautiful.

At the Vegas airport. We didn't buy anything here, but it struck me funny for some reason


mom said...

Great pics and great vacation!
That's a really good picture of Craig. Wonder what his fan club thinks?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing, now that he's got that faraway dreamy look going on (only kidding Craig) As always, your pix are the best,looks like you had a great time, and Pat says don't believe any blender stories!