Monday, December 18, 2006

Wedding Cookies / Walnut Balls

The Christmas baking has begun!

I saw a recipe for "wedding cookies" on Mommy Cooks, and it looked similar to the walnut balls I always look forward to at Christmas time.

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Wedding Cookies / Walnut Balls

1 ½ cups butter or margarine, unsalted
¾ cup confectioners' sugar
¾ teaspoon salt
1 ½ cups almonds, finely ground (I used walnuts)
1 tablespoon + plus 1 teaspoon vanilla
3 cups all-purpose flour, sifted
confectioners sugar (extra)

- Preheat oven to 325°F (165°C).

- Cream butter or margarine in a bowl, gradually add confectioners' sugar and salt. Beat until light and fluffy.

- Add almonds and vanilla.

- Blend in flour gradually and mix well.

- Shape into balls using about 1 teaspoon for each cookie.

- Place on ungreased cookie sheets, and bake for 15 minutes. Do not brown.

- Cool slightly, then roll in the extra confectioners' sugar.

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AR said...

Those look really good, I also make them with ground pecans and cocoa powder