Wednesday, February 22, 2006


In an effort not to waste a big bowl of leftover carmelized onion mashed potatoes from the weekend, I decided to make some pierogi. Since I hadn't ever made them before I went searching for some guidance online. I was lucky enough to stumble onto a great website by Gary Dyrkacs which talks about their family recipe handed down through the generations.

With Gary's permission I am including the recipe here...

Dyrkacs Family Pierogi Dough
2½ cups of flour
1 t salt
1 egg
2 T sour cream
½ cup lukewarm water

The website lists a few possible fillings, but I just used the onion mashed potatoes as they were.
Looking back I should have added a bit more salt since the dough is very plain, but they were still delicious!

Raw Pierogi

Cooked and tossed with butter & softened onions

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AR said...

Not bad for an Italian Girl...... I hope your Uncle Tom checks them out.